Here's today's group training.

Get as many rounds as you can in 25 minutes

Use a heavy bell!
  • kettlebell swings 5/5
  • push ups 10
  • cleans 5/5
  • presses or push presses 5/5
  • 1 arm racked squat 5/5
  • 1 arm row 5/5 or pull ups 10
  • walkouts 5

US National Team Women's Soccer in the house!!

Team Captain, Christie Rampone and team mate Natasha Kai getting their bells on! They will be heading to Portugal for a month to train with their team and will be hitting the bells hard when they get back to Jersey.



Here's what I did today

I've been using Wednesdays for full body conditioning including kettlebelll swings on the heavier side.  By heavier, I'm talking about 36 or 40 kg.

Training with the 36 or 40 willl make the 32 feel light.  It's a great feeling when the 32 feels light, especially when you have to snatch it for 5 minutes in the TSC.

I enjoy the 20/20 protocal because I can push the weight a little bit and still get my rate up without completely overdoing it.

20 seconds of work 20 seconds of rest on the GymBoss timer for 6 rounds non-stop:
  • kettlebell swings 36kgs
  • ring push ups (feet elevated on a box) 
  • Box jumps (24" box) 
  • pull ups 
  • Air Dyne sprints 

Keeping the reps consistant throughout the entire 6 rounds, I did 13 swings, 10 ring push ups, 12 box jumps, 10 pull ups, and 85 rpm on the bike.

Felt great after this workout!