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Let’s go back to 2 weeks ago and do better.

Today we’ll start up our repeat of the last two weeks.

Warm up with your 5 minute joint mobility routine and then do a two round kettlebell warm up.

Today we’ll be rocking a kettlebell and body weight strength and conditioning circuit.

We’ll also throw in some fun outdoor advanced stuff today because it looks like a nice day.

60 seconds of work with 30 seconds of rest at each station.

Perform 30 seconds of work on each side.

Do 4 rounds

  • One arm ring rows rope pull ups or rope climb
  • step ups (single kettlebell, med ball, double kettlebell farmer or rack hold) or you could go outside and flip the tire around
  • One arm kettlebell press
  • One handed kettlebell swing, walking swings
  • walkouts, Power wheel rollouts, Power Wheel walks, or plank

How’d you do?

Here’s the 6am crew!!

9 am crew!!!