It’s another hot one today!

Just the other day I left a kettlebell out in the sun for a while and needed to rap a towel around it just to pick it up.

You can fry an egg in the court yard.

We may try that later. Stay tuned for the video.

Today we’ll be doing our double kettlebell and body weight circuit.

We’ll start with joint mobility and a kettlebell warm up.

The workout will be 4 rounds of 60w/30r.

This morning we went through 2 rounds non-stop, took a minute rest, then did the other 2 rounds.

  • Alternate arm ring rows
  • Step ups with a sand bag or dumbells, or kettlebells
  • See saw press
  • alternate arm double kettlebell cleans
  • Power wheel walks or inch worms

Feel free to comment on this workout, or let us what you would like to see from us

The Milkman and I aim to please.

Here’s the breakdown