Happy Monday!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend, we sure did.

If you missed the Avon 5k Kettlebell farmer walk, you can see highlights here.

Let’s start today with some joint mobility and a kettlebell warm up before we bust out this awesome workout.

Today we will combine ladders and couplets and will keep it simple.

I give you the Bear Complex and Pull up ladder.

This can be done with a heavy med ball, double kettlebells, heavy sand bag, bar, or even dumbells.

We’ll ladder up from 1-5 and then down from 5-1 alternating between the Bear Complex ad pull ups or ring rows.

If you are strong with pull ups, wear a weight vest, or strap some weight to your body.

The Bear Complex consists of a clean to a squat, to a press, to another squat, and finishes with another press.

If we’re feeling up to it, we will finish with our 15/15×4 ab circuit.

Here’s an example of the bear as done with a heavy sand ball.