This workout is done with one kettlebell.

Choose a heavy one.

We’ll start out with joint mobility and body weight movements, then progress to out kettlebell warm up.

Check the video library for this.

After you’re nice and warm, we will go through this kettlebell strength workout.

Take your time and complete 5 rounds with a heavy bell, if you finish 5 rounds before 25 minutes, continue to work until 25 minutes has elapsed.

Here the workout:

  • Kettlebell swings 5/5
  • Push ups or hindu push ups or Power push ups 10
  • kettlebell cleans 5/5
  • kettlebell press 5/5
  • squats or split squats 5/5
  • Pull ups 5-10 or one arm rows 5-10
  • walkouts 5

Have fun, and push the weights!

I should have some cool video up later.

Have a great Friday!

6am class mixing it up!