Hey everyone!

It’s strength day.

Today we’ll give you a the choice of…

Double kettlebell, single kettlebells or Sand bag 5×5

Work up in weight if possible and do not go to muscle failure on this.


More is not always better and you do not have to crush yourself every time you train.

Enjoy your Tuesday!

5 reps and 5 sets of the following double/single kettlebell or sand bag movements.

Do this with a partner completing all 5 sets of one movement in alternating fashion or circuit through this solo.

Beginners will choose the single kettlebell option and perform 5×5 reps on both sides.

Take your pick!

  • Double or single kettlebell alternate arm cleans or sand bag shouldering
  • See saw presses, one arm press or sand bag press
  • Double Kettlebell front squat, goblet squat or sand bag front squat or split squat
  • Double kettlebell row, renegade row or sand bag row
  • Get ups 5x 1/1 with a kettlebell or sand bag, swing set knees to chest or walkouts 5×5
Check the video for explanation!