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Speeding things up with some ladder conditioning sets.

We’ve got a ladder conditioning challenge lined up for Tuesday!

Before we get in to that…

Training Room Activities and Events to Know About!

Make sure you register for ROW for HOPE on May 15!

It’s on a Sunday at Goodsports USA in Wall, NJ.

ALL proceeds will be donated to the JAG Fund for brain cancer research in memory of Kathy Milkowski.

Go to the link here to register.


If you have been engaged in kettlebell sport activity…

Register for the Jersey Shore Kettlebell Championships on April 9.

This will be held at the Manasquan location.

Go her to register for that!

The Sunday class will also continue for the next 4 weeks at 8 AM in Avon.

Now back to Tuesday’s Ladder Conditioning challenge.

As usual, there will be options for both beginners and more advanced humans…

Here’s your repetition and calorie sequence.

20/16/12/8/4 reps and calories

Here’s the circuit…
  • Row (calories)
  • slam or sledge hits (reps)
  • bike (calories)
  • power wheel knees to chest or sliders (reps)
  • ski erg (calories)
  • lateral hops over hurdle or skaters (20/20,16/16,12/12,8/8,4/4)

Option for beginners is 20/15/10/5 calories and reps.

Drop a comment below and let us know how long it took to get through this sequence.

Continue to have a productive week!

Here’s a follow along training option for home.