Let your Friday flow like water.

The Training Room Friday flow can be done several ways.

By flow, we are talking about the smooth transition from one movement to the next for 6 minutes straight.

This one will be a great combination of strength and endurance.

You choose the intensity by going lighter and faster or heavier and slower.

Here’s what it will look like…

6 Minute Flow…

1 minute of work at each movement

Click on the hyperlinks for instructional and demonstration video.

  • Single or double kettlebell swing or clean, or marching hip bridge(body weight option)
  • Press, see saw press, or push-up(body weight option)
  • Alternate leg reverse lunge
  • Renegade row or 1 arm
  • plank, walkout, crawl, get up or windmill
  • cardio choice (jump rope, step, run in place, sled if theres room, skaters, squat thrust etc…)

Rest for 2 minutes between each round.

We will complete 4 total rounds.

FYI, there is some work being done on The Training Room mobile app, so it will be out of commission until further notice.

Have an amazing weekend and a safe and healthy holiday!

Here’s a super advanced kettlebell flow if anyone wants to try sometime…