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It’s time for some fitness testing!

It’s always a good idea to test out just to see where we stand and how we progress.

We’ll get some basic benchmarks today and will retest in four weeks.

This should be fun!

Warm up with some joint mobility and and then a tow round kettlebell warm up.

Here are your fitness tests:

  • 2 minute max push ups: get as many full range of motion push ups as you can in 2 minutes
  • Max pull up or static hold (bar or rings): get as many pull ups as you can or hold your chin over the bar or chest to the rings as long as you can.
  • 2 minute sit up test: Get as many sit ups as you can with souls of your feet touching.  You must come up and touch your feet each time for the rep to count.
  • 2 minute full range of motion squat test: Get as many squats as you can in 2 minutes going to at least 90 degrees and coming up to full hip extension.
  • 5 minute kettlebell snatch or swing test: Get as many snatches or swings as you can in 5 minutes. Switch hands or put the bell down when ever you want.
Please record your results in the comments below.
We will also record your results at the gym.