We hope you had a great weekend…

Hopefully you were able to relax and spend some time with the people you care about.


We’ll start off the week with a challenge.

Warm up with a simple circuit of 20 seconds work/20 seconds rest for 3 rounds of the following..

  • Body weight squats, drop squat rounds 2,3
  • push ups, half burpee rounds 2,3
  • kettlebell swings, second round kettlebell snatch R, third round kettlebell snatch L (only if you are proficient in snatches)
  • Row, or 20 yard shuttle run
Here is the challenge: We will give you three different levels to choose from. Pick the level that you feel suites you.


I you are not comfortable doing kettlebell snatches, you will do one handed or two handed swings.


  • Start with a 1 mile run or row (1600 meters)
  • Complete 100 kettlebell  snatches total
  • Complete 100 squat thrusts
  • Finish with 1 mile run or row


  • Start with 1200 run or row
  • Complete 80 swings 40/40
  • Complete 80 squat thrusts:
  • Finish with 1200 m row or run


  • Start with 800m run or row
  • Complete 60 swings 30/30,
  • Complete 60 squat thrusts
  • Finish with 800 m row or run

If there are a lot of people, have some groups partner up and do the advanced versions divided by 2. Snatches/swings and sq thrusts should be broken up for everyone.

Post times and weight used!

Have a great Monday!