Loaded or Unloaded Interval Conditioning

We’ve got your interval conditioning on Thursday!

We hope everyone is hagging in there.

We still haven’t heard anything from the state about gym openings, but we are talking about doing some outdoor training.

Stay tuned for that.

Sticking to the game plan, we will give both loaded (with weights) and unloaded (body weight) options.

Do what feels best for your body, go hard or not so hard.

It’s your choice!

Here’s what we’ve got lined up for you…

Your intervals for each round will look like this:
  1. 30 on 15 off
  2. 60 on 30 off
  3. 1:30 on 45 off x 2 rounds
Here’s your circuit…
  • Swings, cleans, snatch, jumps, or Step-ups
  • Jerks, push-press, squat thrust, or burpee
  • kettlebell long cycle, or Cardio choice:

Do this as a circuit

Your total time is 26:15

Enjoy this fabulous conditioning circuit LIVE at 7 AM or follow any time!