Long Interval Conditioning

Training Room family!

There is a reason to everything we do at The Training Room.

There is a reason why we are doing Long interval conditioning on Wednesday.

The main reason is that we will need to start getting ready of ROW for HOPE!
Have you signed up yet?

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There are ASLO a few reasons why we run SO many fitness events…

Here are the TOP 5 reasons

  1. They’re fun.
  2. They give YOU something (goals) to train for and look forward to.
  3. They’re fun for US and keep us engaged to our “job” (to help YOU get better)
  4. They give back tremendously to our community.
  5. They create memories and friendships that can last a lifetime.

Here’s what our long interval conditioning session will look like…

5 minutes of work with 3 minutes of rest.

Pick and 4 items you want.

Go hard for 5 minutes and recover for 3 (the recovery part is as important as the work)

You can…

  • row
  • ski
  • bike
  • run
  • jump rope
  • squat thrust
  • step up

Or, any kettlebell sport movement such as…

  • kettlebell jerk
  • kettlebell long cycle
  • kettlebell snatch

Have fun!