Mix up your training a bit!

Challenge your body!

Sand Bag Complexes are a great way of getting a lot work done in a short period of time while using only one simple piece of equipment.  The odd weight and shape of the sand bag challenges the body in many ways, forcing the musculature of the mid-section to work harder then usual.

If you think about, sand bag training is more realistic to life’s situations.  We’re not always moving symmetrical objects around.  This is very true for those of us who have children.  Aren’t we always picking up our kids, tossing them around and hugging them?  I know I am.

Try this one out for size!

Using a GymBoss Timer, do 15 seconds of each movement non-stop.

  • Sand bag cleans
  • Sand bag push press or jerk
  • Sand bag zercher squat
  • Sand bag row
  • Sand bag reverse lunge
  • Sand bag thruster

Transition smoothly from one to the other without putting down the bag.  Do 5-7 rounds of this complex with 1:30 rest between rounds.  6 rounds of this workout will take you just over 16 minutes.

The video below shows an example of the the complex above.  There is also a kettlebell version the very same complex at the end of this video.

The sand bag that is used is one of our homemade bags.  These work well, but can be a pain to construct for those of us who don’t have a lot of time on our hands.

If you’re wondering who makes the best sand bags, go here for yours.