"Lucky Sevens"

Yet, another crowd pleaser!

  1. Kettlebell swings 7r/7l
  2. Burpees 7
  3. Kettlebell snatches 7r/7l
  4. Mountain climbers 7r/7l
  5. Kettlebell cleans 7r/7l
  6. 1 kettlebell racked thruster 7r/7l
  7. Walkouts 7
  • Go through this circuit style
  • do 7 rounds as fast as possible
  • us one kettlebell for the entire workout

We are having our Open House on July 19th.  Go here for more detail.

The famous July 4th workout will be at 9am.  This will be the only WOD so take advantage.


Boxing John in the house!!