Training Room Lucky Sevens Challenge

The Lucky Sevens challenge is one of our top 10 favorite kettlebell body weight challenges!

Yes, Training Room friends, we did this lucky sevens challenge 4 weeks ago…

Start out with joint mobility, then do two rounds of our kettlebell and body weight warm up.
Today’s workout can be both physically and mentally challenging.
Try to complete the following in under 30 minutes.
Advanced men will use a 24 kg and advanced women will use a 16 kg for this one.

But, honestly use any weight you want and we will also give you a body weight ONLY option.

“Lucky Sevens”

7 reps of each movement for 7 rounds (30 minute cap)

  • kettlebell swings 7/7 or 7 (2 handed swings) or even deadlift if need be.
  • Burpees or squat thrusts 7
  • Kettlebell snatch 7/7 or high pull 7
  • mountain climbers 7 (3 count) or 7/7 sledge hits OR mace swings
  • kettlebell cleans 7/7 reps
  • kettlebell or dumbbell thrusters (this is a squat press combination) 7/7 reps
  • Ab choice 7 reps


Enjoy the day and be ready for tomorrow.

This Training Room throwback video is from 9 years ago!