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Man-Makers or Circuit Style Strength

Man or Woman Makers are on the docs for Tuesday!

Lots of options for YOU for Tuesday’s Strength Sets

It’s your workout so you can choose traditional partner style, solo session or circuit style.

There’s always something for EVERYONE.

Man Makers: 3 options

Options # 1 – Traditional 5×5

Heavy Alternate with a Partner (Use Kettlebells or Dumbbells)


  • Push Up – Row R
  • Push Up – Row L
  • Clean / Squat/ Press

*Finisher Option – Ladder 400m-100m alternating with your partner!

Option #2 – Man makers x 5 Plus Cardio 

  • Complete 5 Man Makers
  • Complete 400M Cardio
  • As many rounds as you can in 25 Minutes!

Option #3 – Circuit Style

30/30 x 6 rounds as a circuit

  • Swing or clean
  • squat press
  • Row
  • plank
  • Cardio 

Let us know which one you did and how you liked it!

Here’s a Strength Couplet Workout Video.