Max Calories Intervals

We have an incredible Conditioning Workout for you on Friday!

We are offering a FREE week of training for any of your friends, family and people new to the Training Room!

THIS FREE WEEK is available at either the Avon or Manasquan facilities.

Feel free to send them this link:

60 seconds work / 30 seconds rest x 4 rounds

MAX Calories Intervals

Try to increase your calorie or rep count each round!  

  1. Row
  2. Bike
  3. ski
  4. Box step up (2step ups =1 calorie) or lunges
  5. shuttle run 10yrds=1cal, JR 100revs=10cals, JJs 50=10cals


Here’s a classic “SEXY” Conditioning workout you can follow along to anywhere in the World!