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Happy Forth of July Weekend!

It’s official.

It will be absolute madness at the Jersey Shore this weekend!

Here’s a nice conditioning workout to kick off the holiday weekend.

The Milkman and I had a very interesting few days in Athans and Atlanta, GA.

We met down there for some disclosed business discussions with a very big gym owner who showed us a great time.

His Athans club was probably the nicest club we have been in. The Milkman actually said that. They had every piece of equipment you can possibly imagine including a rock climbing wall in the shape of a giant bulldog, their beloved football mascot.

Anyway, as fancy and jacked up as this club was, they had a cool outdoor area with pull up stations, tires, ropes,kettlebells and sandbags. Of coarse this was where we wanted to train.

We will fill you in on the crazy workout we did later.

It was pretty much “beat down the Jersey Guys”

But, we still kick ALL of their asses!

Here’s what we’re doing today!

With three person teams:

250 meter sprints for 10 sets alternating with your team mates.

Do each sprint all out. You will recover as your team mates row.