Thursday is Conditioning Day!

You will be using a Medicine Ball as your partner throughout the workout!

You will Run, Squat, Press, Twist and Crawl with your Medicine Ball so choose an appropriate weight for YOU!

RUN 400 Meters with Medicine Ball (Row or Ski 500 meters/ Bike 1000 meters)

SQUAT – 20 Reps with Med Ball

PRESS – 20 Reps with Med Ball

TWIST – 20 Reps with Med Ball

CRAWL – 20 Yards with Med Ball (forward & backwards) or PLANK (roll ball from side to side) 20 Total Reps

5 ROUNDS (Beginners will do 4 Rounds)

Suggested Weights for Medicine Balls:

  • Beginners -10 lbs
  • Intermediate – 15-20 lbs
  • Advanced – 25-30+ lbs
  • Frank the Tank – Sand Bag Run, Squat, Press & Heavy Kettlebell (on sliders) Crawl

Remember it’s a CONDITIONING DAY!  You don’t have to pick up a heavy weight everyday!

But if you want to, go for it!