Manasquan:  732-964-4343  |  Avon:  732-988-1555 [email protected]

Memorial Day workout will be at 8am.

This will be the only class of the day.

Meet us at the gym at 7:45

We’ll be going to East End beach on the north end of Avon.

Today’s Conditioning Circuit: 4 rounds

  • Kipping or jumping pull ups
  • Mountain climbers or crab crawls
  • kettlebell clean squats or drop squats
  • sand sprints
  • push ups
  • kettlebell swings
  • Russian twist
  • squat thrusts

Intervals for each round with one minute rest between rounds:

  1. 30/25
  2. 30/20
  3. 25/15
  4. 20/10

I’ll have some video footage up soon