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The Milkman is ready to deliver the Saturday goodness!

Today we’ll be doing one of our Classic kettlebell and body weight workouts.

This is said to be one of our top 11!

For those of you online people, if you own one kettlebell, you are in for a treat.

This workout will consist of 3 minute sets (triplets) with a 1:30 rest between each one.

We will go through the whole thing twice.

Triplet #1: do 20 seconds at each non stop three times

  • kettlebell snatch or swing (right)
  • kettlebell snatch or swing (left)
  • Mountain climbers

Rest 1:30

Triplet #2:  20/20/20 non stop x 3 rounds

  • Kettlebell high pull
  • kettlebell thruster
  • jumping jacks or jump rope

Rest 1:30

Triplet #3:

  • drop squat or box jumps
  • Half burpee
  • V-sit or bicycle

Rest for 1:30 then do the whole thing again!


Enjoy your weekend!!!!