Metabolic Mix on Monday

That’s right…we’ve got a metabolic mix for you on Monday.

The Training Room brings to you a nice little dose of conditioning to kick off this week of fun fitness.

You’re favorite 40/20 triplets look like this..

Metabolic Monday Triplets

Triplet 1 (40/20×3 rounds)
  • Mountain climbers or plank choice
  • Jump pull or low impact pull
  • Lateral step or skaters

Rest 1-2 minutes

Triplet 2 (40/20×3 rounds)
  • High pull
  • Sledge hits, mace or slam ball
  • Jump rope or jumping jacks

Rest 1-2 minutes

Triplet 3 (40/20×3 rounds)
  • Row
  • Bike or sled push/pull
  • Ski erg


Let’s get after it this week in and out of the gym.

Don’t forget to register for the 2 mile sand run in Belmar on August 6.

Participating in events and pushing yourself to do difficult things is ALL part of The Training Room experience.

This is how improvements in our physical and mental well being happen.

This will be fun and can also be done as a relay with your friends.

Here’s the link to register!