Metabolic Monday

That’s right…metabolic Monday is upon us!

We bring to you a nice little dose of conditioning to kick off this week of fine fitness.

You’re favorite 40/20 triplets look like this..

Metabolic Monday Triplets

Triplet 1 (40/20×3 rounds)
  • Mountain climbers or plank choice
  • Jump pull or low impact pull
  • Lateral step or skaters

Rest 1-2 minutes

Triplet 2 (40/20×3 rounds)
  • High pull
  • Sledge hits, mace or slam ball
  • Jump rope or jumping jacks

Rest 1-2 minutes

Triplet 3 (40/20×3 rounds)
  • Row
  • Bike or sled push/pull
  • Ski erg


Let’s get after it this week.