Here's a nice conditioning session that combines high rep kettlebell ballisticts with some eplosive chopping motions, body weight movements and jumping.

Use the GymBoss to keep yourself on task.

Four rounds of interval work.  Here are the intervals for each round:

  1. 40 work/ 40 rest
  2. 40 work/ 30 rest
  3. 40 work/ 20 rest
  4. 40 work/ 10 rest


  • Kettlebell swings
  • fire hose chops
  • box jumps
  • kettlebell snatch pulls
  • Jump rope
  • Burpees

Recovery between rounds should be between 1-2 minutes.  This all depends upon your level of conditioning.

Adjust the intesity to your level by adjusting the weight of the bell, height of box, you can sub other body weight movements in such as body weight squats or jumping jacks.

Be creative!