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Metcon Monday!

Let’s fire up the metabolism on Metcon (metabolic conditioning) Monday!

Hope you had a fun and productive weekend.

Congrats to ALL of the competitors of the First Annual Jersey Shore Kettlebell Sport Competition that took place on Saturday!

Thank you to ALL of the volunteers!

Here are a few pics from the weekend….

It’s going to be an amazing week at The Training Room, so GET READY for that.

PLEASE let us know if there is something particular that you would like to work on or get better at.

After all…

That’s what we are ALL here for.

We will be starting the week off with a brand new 4 week block of training sessions.

Monday is a conditioning day, so be ready work the heart, lungs and all the other parts.

If you have NOT signed up for ROW for HOPE on May 15 yet, please do that today!

GO HERE for registration!


Back to Metcon Monday’s heart pounding. fat melting situation!


30 seconds at each station non-stop.

Rest for 1:30 between each round.

Complete 6 rounds!

Here’s the circuit….
  1. Jumping or feet assisted pull-ups
  2. Mountain climb, sliders or crawl
  3. High pulls or swings
  4. 1/2 burpees or push-ups
  5. Body weight squat variations
  6. Squat thrust, sled push or cardio options (bike, ski, row, Jump rope, jacks)

Let’s have ourselves a great week!

Drop a comment below and let us know you were here!

Here’s something to follow along to at home!