Mid Week Challenge!

Wednesday brings us a Double Challenge Workout!

Remember to start tracking your 500 meter times and pull up static hold times!  Our January Challenge is in full fledge this week and we can’t wait to see how everyone does!

Wednesday’s Conditioning Workout a Double Challenge!

Each Challenge is 15 Minutes:

Challenge 1)

  • 400m row or run
  • 30 yds crawl
  • 20 swings
  • 10 burpees

Rest 3 minutes

Challenge 2)

  • 400m bike or ski
  • 30crab toes (15/15)
  • 20 high steps
  • 10 half burpees

Get as many rounds in as you can with GOOD FORM!  Let’s GO!

Meanwhile, we have a stellar HOME TRAINING Cardio Workout:

Here is a GREAT Cardio Intervals Workout!

  1. 30 on 15 off
  2. 60 on 30 off
  3. 1:30 on 45 off x 2 rounds

Here’s your circuit…

  • Swings, cleans, snatch, jumps, or Step-ups
  • Jerks, push-press, squat thrust, or burpee
  • kettlebell long cycle, or Cardio choice:

Do this as a circuit

Your total time is 26:15

Enjoy this fabulous conditioning anytime!