Beers & Bells in Manasquan Friday Evening!  Come out and support members competing!  Friday’s Competition is 8 Minute Sets…. leading up to the Beers & Bells World Championship (Only at The Training Room) in June where competitors will do a 10 Minute Set!

Friday’s Workout is…

Minimal Equipment Conditioning Intervals

This will most likely be done stationary.

Intervals are: 30 Work / 30 Active Rest x 30 Minutes (or 6 Rounds)

  1. Swings, Tire Jumps, or Broad Jumps
  2. Squat Thrusts, Slam Ball or Sledge Hammer on Tire
  3. Jumping Jacks, Jump Rope or Pegs (Run in Place)
  4. Skaters or Lateral Hops (you can use mini bands around your feet here)
  5. Crawl or Mountain Climbers (try some lateral side bending during these)

Enjoy your Day!

Here’s a video of Mike with his “All Time Favorite Strength Movement” … though Friday is not a strength day, it’s always nice to watch an instructional video by Mike himself:

Here is Mike’s Day 6 Pizza Tour: