Mixed Bag of Strength

It will be a mixed bag of strength with these 1 minute sets on Thursday at The Training Room.

1 minute of work with a 1 minute active rest.

Heres the sequence of events…

Mix and match these options if you wish.

  • Swing choice, cleans, deadlift choice, or snatch
  • Single or double kettlebell or dumbbell press choice
  • Long cycle, squat choice or upper body pull choice or sled

Do this as a circuit and use any of the following fillers for your 1 minute active rest…

Active rest ideas:

  • abs
  • mace swings
  • Bulgarian bag
  • mobility moves
  • band work
  • Light dumbbell work (think shoulders or gun show)
  • Rope flow

Here’s to another great week of training!

We hope your week is going well!


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