It’s gunna be a hot one!

Today’s training.

Four rounds timed: Here are the intervals (work/work/rest) on the Gym Boss.

  • Round 1: 30/30/30
  • Round 2: 25/25/25
  • Round 3: 20/20/20
  • Round 4: 15/15/15
  1. One arm kettlebell swings R/L
  2. One arm kettlebell or dumbell row R/L
  3. One arm kettlebell suitcase deadlift R/L
  4. Ab mat sit ups (slowly)
  5. One arm push press or jerk R/L
  6. Weighted plank (use a sand bag)

Increase the weight with each round!

Example: Do 30 seconds of swings on the right, switch on the fly and do 30 seconds on the left.  Rest for 30 seconds then move on to one arm rows and do the same thing.  Get it?

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