Training Room Family!   MONDAY is our classic 2 MINUTE TORTURE workout… with options for all levels!

This week the workouts will be located under “workouts” in your app or website.  You will not be getting the usual push notifications this week.  If it looks a little different just click on it to open the page and view the workout.  They will also be posted on the Facebook page. 

You will need a good warm up for this workout, so expect your warm up to be a little longer than usual.  If you are new to The Training Room or this workout sound daunting, just take it easy and choose exercises from the list that help you feel like you are working hard, but smart!

Every 2 minutes x 10 rounds

5   Burpees or Squat Thrusts (or 3 Step Back Burpees)
10   Snatches, High Pulls or Jumping/Assisted Pull Ups
15   Mountain Climbers (each leg) – or a Plank Variation
20   Swings, Squats or Jumping Jacks
*25  Jumping Jacks or 50 Jump Rope *advanced

Have a GREAT start to your week!