Monday is a regular schedule of classes for BOTH Gyms!  Get in and get moving!

5 Minute Intervals of Conditioning FUN!

Hey Training Room family, we will kick off the week with 5 minute intervals…

We will break up the 5 minutes with 5 exercises performed for 1 minute each..

5 Minutes of work with a 1 minute off switching exercises every minute.
We will rest for a minute betweeen each 5 minute set and complete 5 total rounds.

Keep track of your numbers if you want to see progression the next time you do this…

  • row calories
  • squat thrust
  • bike calories
  • Jump pull-ups or high pull from the ground
  • crawl options (10yds=1cal)

*Use rounds as a extra warm-up and rds 2-5 should be scored.

Have a great week!