Monday Mix

The Monday Mix is exactly what it sounds like.

We will be mixing up both strength and cardio circuits with the option to do a combination of strength and cardio or JUST strength if you wish.

As we ALL know, they are both important and neither one should be avoided or skipped.

As a matter of fact, if you dislike one more then the other for whatever the reason, then you probably need to go outside the comfort zone a little and work on the one you dislike.

Let’s keep that in mind this week!

Work on those weaknesses!


When given these options, make sure that your week at The Training Room is well balanced between strength and cardio.

Here are the 2 circuits for Monday

Complete circuit 1 first, then choose from 2 different options in circuit 2.

Work for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds x 6 rounds on circuit 1.

Circuit 1 (6 rounds)

  • Single or double kettlebell cleans, swings, or deadlit choice
  • Single or double kettlebell/dumbbell squat press
  • Single arm or renegade row

Circuit 2 (choice of combo circuit or straight cardio)

30 seconds of work / 20 seconds of rest x 4 rounds

  • Push-ups or dips dips
  • bicep curl
  • Abs
  • cardio choice


30 seconds of work / 20 seconds of rest x 4 rounds

  • Ski
  • Row
  • Mountain climb or sled push
  • Bike

Let’s have a great week and help each other get better!

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