The Monday movement flow will be of the cardio variety at The Training Room.

Flow though this for 10 minutes of non-stop movement.

We will take a 1 minute rest between each ten minute round,

This one can ALSO be done stationary, meaning you can stay in one area with your gear (to keep things simple).

Minimal or no gear required for this movement flow.

Here’s what the movement flow will look like…

Do each exercsie for 1 minute, flowing from one exercise to the next smoothly.

Minimal equipment needed: 1 kettlebell, Jump rope (optional), Medicine ball or Bulgarian bag (optional), sliders (optional).

Make sure to click on the hyperlinks if you would like to see some video instruction of some of these exercises,

  • Jump rope, rope flow (ask about this, watch this video, and let us teach you) or jumping jacks
  • Squat thrusts or slam (mace could be a good option here)
  • Kettlebell swing, DL or body weight hinge
  • Shoulder taps or push press
  • Skaters
  • Sit through or crab toe touch
  • Run or march in place
  • Reverse lunge or step up
  • Bulgarian bag, standing or kneeling twist or chop
  • Crawl, mountain climb or plank options

We are excited about the upcoming Turkey Day Relay and it looks like we will have record numbers for this one.

Have a great week!

Some of you need to watch this video and LISTEN!