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Monday is Strength Day!

We have another fresh week of workouts for you starting with Strength on Monday.

We also have some January Events so stay tuned for more information!


 60 seconds work / 30 rest x 4 rounds :

  • Split squats (left/right)
  • Floor press or 1arm pushups (left/right)
  • Single leg deadlift (left/right)
  • One arm rows (left/right) 
  • Abdominal choice (1 minute or 30/30)

Finisher: 60 / 30 x1 Round

  • Deck squats, box squats with jump, or air squats 
  • Crawl or burpees
  • Swings or light deadlifts
  • Sit throughs or crab toes
  • Jump rope or jumping jacks


Here’s a Strength Video Workout: