Monday Strength Supersets

Repeating the last 4 week training block at The Training Room going back to Monday strength supersets!

We had an amazing time on Saturday and want to thank everyone for coming out and celebrating with us.

We will have some great things coming up for you at The Training Room in 2024 so stay tuned!

Monday is a strength focus, so here we go!

The intervals will be 35/25 and we will be doing 5 rounds (10 sets of each superset/couplet)

As usual, we will superset between opposing muscle groups. (agonist and antagonist)

Here are your supersets…

Superset 1
  • Push ups
  • Ring rows or pull ups
Superset 2
  • Prison squats (hands behind the head), jumps or goblet squats
  • Supermans or kettlebell swings
Finisher Superset

45/15 x 5 rounds (10 sets)

  • Abs
  • cardio choice

Have a great week of training!