We are starting a NEW 4 Week Training Cycle Tomorrow!  Be on the look out for new workouts and some tried and true Training Room Classics!  Don’t forget, we have our first 2020 Beers & Bells Event THIS Friday in Manasquan.  7 Minute Kettlebell Sports Sets!  Who’s In?!?

Monday’s Conditioning

8 Minutes On / 2 Minutes Off 

Partner OR Solo

Try to get as many reps or meters (distance) as you can within each 8 minute set!

Let’s Go!

Set 1:

  • Rower or Run

Set 2:

  • Bike

Set 3:

  • Ski or Squat thrust

Set 4:

  • Box Step Ups or Sled


Have a GREAT DAY!  And let us know how you do!