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Monday’s Strength Day

Training Room Family!

We are looking forward to getting a solid start to 2021!

This week starts with STRENGTH and a perfect transition into the New Year!

Do you have any GOALS for this New Year?  If so, we would love to help you reach them.  If not, let’s work on making some together!

Monday’s Strength Couplets are Strict and Strong! 

You have the option to keep the weight moderate and go for quality reps OR to go a little heavier.  Remember to never compromising form or technique.  You have 30 seconds rest between these couplets so plenty of time to get in your reps!

30 seconds work / 30 seconds rest x 5 rounds at each couplet

Couplet 1:

  • Strict overhead press (seated if you can)
  • Deadlifts or supermans

Couplet 2:

  • Pull-ups or Rows
  • Abs Choice 

Triplet 3 (30/20 x4):

  • Bicep Curls
  • Triceps
  • Cardio

Let us know how you like this workout!

TR at HOME Strength Couplets “On-the-Minute”

  • You will START each exercise each Minute and REST or Active Recovery until the next Minute Starts!
  • Each Couplet is 10 total Sets (5 Rounds of Each).  Be prepared to work hard and smart!  Let’s GOOO…

Couplet #1

  •  20 Swings, Broad Jumps or 10-15 Supermans
  • 10-15 Push-Ups

Couplet #2

  • 10 Goblet Squats or 5/5 Pistols or Split Squats
  • 10-15 Ring Rows or 5-10 Pull Ups

Couplet #3

  • 100 Jump Rope or 50 Jumping Jacks
  • 1/1 Turkish Get-Ups,  5 Walkouts or 15-20 Ab Choice 

Here’s a Strength Couplet Workout Video: