Manasquan:  732-964-4343  |  Avon:  732-988-1555 [email protected]

Good morning!

Only 3 days until the Warrior Challenge!

All volunteers will be meeting tonight at 8pm.

If you want to volunteer, just show up!

We’ve got a fun conditioning workout lined up with a bunch of options to choose from.

Start out with 5 minutes of joint mobility and a two round circuit warm up.

The conditioning circuit will be 40 seconds work /20 seconds rest  x 5 rounds

Take 1 min rest between rounds

  • kettlebell high pull
  • mt. climb or sledge hits
  • agility ladder or suicides
  • wall ball / med thruster
  • Jump rope / Jumping Jacks/ Versa climber /sq thrust.

Here are some scenes from last year.

It looks like we have over double the amount of participants this year.

I lost my voice last year, but have it this year!