Move and Hold Monday Strength

We’ve got a classic move and hold strength session to kick off the week!

First of all…

We want to thank everyone who came out to The Training Room FIT 25 Challenge and made Saturday an amazing day!

The feedback has been nothing but positive and we deeply appreciate it.

It’s days like Saturday that keep our passion burning!

Go check out the results to the FIT 25 here!

Monday is a strength day!

Here’s what we;ve got lined up for you.

Move and hold strength circuit.

30 seconds of movement, 30 seconds of static hold, 30 seconds of rest.

4 rounds of the following circuit:

  • Ring row, pull-up, or kettlebell row
  • Squats
  • Ab choice
  • Overhead press or push up
  • Superman’s,hip bridge or body weight hinge

50/10×3 Cardio choice / rack holds or plank 

Let’s crush this week!