Friday is a Hybrid of Slow & Faster Strength Moves!

We have a Slow & Fast Strength combination that will be sure to start your weekend right!

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We also have Athlete Programs at each Gym Location.  Get your kids Moving!  Here’s the links to sign up for THE TRAINING ROOM Programs at MANASQUAN and AVON.  If you have any questions let us know.  We love it when you reach out to us!

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FRIDAY’S workout is a relatively new crowd favorite so get ready to work hard and smart while getting a good sweat going!


Similar to the Move & Hold Workouts where we incorporate Static Holds… this workout shakes things up with going through the first half of the set (30 seconds) SLOW and then the second half (30 seconds) FASTER!

You might want to use weight during the first half and then do body weight or lighter weight during the second half.  We will demo options during the workout tomorrow.

Here’s the Breakdown:

30 sec normal or slow pace/ 30 sec fast / 30 sec rest x4rds:

  1. Squat / drop squat  
  2. Strict press or push-up / push-press or as easier version of a push-up
  3. Deadlifts (single leg or traditional) or cleans / swings or broad jump
  4. Ring row or asst. pull-ups / an easier angle ring row or jump-pulls
  5. Plank or low & slow crawl / mt. climb or bicycle

There will also be a finisher!  TBD so we keep you in suspense… 

Saturday’s Class Schedule is 7:30AM at 3 Locations:

  • Manasquan Outdoor Court Training
  • Avon Courtyard of Crush
  • Avon Warrior Beach (by the pull up bars)

Here’s your SLOW/FAST Strength Video to follow along with ANYTIME!