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Move Slow Then Fast

Hey Training Room family!

We hope you had a nice relaxing holiday week!

We will kick off Monday with a fun strength day where we will do the movement at normal pace for thirty seconds and then pick up the pace for thirty seconds (fast strength).

So, total work is 1 minute and rest is thirty seconds.
This is also known as “THE ALICIA”.

30 seconds normal pace 30 seconds faster, 30 seconds rest for 4 rounds.

The circuit will look like this…

  1. Ring row or pull up
  2. squat choice
  3. Press or push choice
  4. Dead lift or hinge choice
  5. abs
  6. cardio choice

Here’s an example of what this will look like.

  • pull-up to jump pull
  • weighed sq to air squat or jump squat
  • Dead lift to swing
  • Floor press to push-up
  • Plank to mountain climb or sliding mountain climbers
  • easy cardio to fast cardio

Have a great week, work hard and get better!