Hey Training Room Fans!

Time to test out…


We’ll warm up with a simple circuit of what we will be testing on today.

20 seconds work/20 seconds rest of the following for 3 rounds…

  • Row
  • Watt or Airdyne Bike
  • Ski erg
  • Shuttle run, step us or steps

Today we’ll be testing multiple time trials for max effort on the following..

Rest 3-5 minutes between time trials.

  • Row 500
  • Ski 500
  • Watt 1200 or Airdyne .6
  • Run 500
  • Squat thrust 50 reps

If for some reason you can’t run you can substitute 250 fast step ups or 15 stair climbs (up and down =1) or 250 revolutions on the jump rope.

Alternating with a partner is optimal for beginners.

Let us know how you did with this and what your times where.

If you need the TR2U home version of this with minimal, go here to watch the video..

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