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For me, heavy double kettlebell drills are very challenging.

I've also gotten my best results from double kettlebell movements weather it's conditioning complexes or some type of strength circuit.

Since I don't have all the time in the world to train, I choose to do circuit style double kettlebell 5×5's, or ladder workouts. This is a very efficient way of training that's gets tones of bang for your buck.

Here's what I had going on today

5 Rounds

  • Double kettlebell front squats 5
  • Weighted pull ups (20kg's)
  • Double kettlebell press 
  • Swing set knees to chest 10

Did my first 3 rounds with double 28 kg's and my last 2 with double 32's

I will be mixing up the 5×5's and the ladders and hitting these heavy strength wo's 3x/week