Stand-up Paddle Surfing and Kettlebells

All though I’ve been surfing for years, I’ve just recently picked up stand-up paddle surfing.  Talk about full body training from the toes up. Starting out, I figured this would be a cake walk since I’ve paddled all kinds of boats, outrigger canoes and have been surfing since I was 18.  Wrong! Not only do you have to keep your balance on this thing, you have paddle and maneuver it at the same time. The bottoms of my feet where on fire, my upper body and mid-section where feeling the love as well.

So,  how does this relate to kettlebell training?  The ground-based paddle action is pretty much an opposite movement to the kettlebell swing(like a chopping motion with a torso twist) which makes it the perfect compliment.  The feet are planted and fixed in both activities.  While paddling around today, I also noticed there is similar use of the hips, not as exaggerated as the swing, but I did implement somewhat of a hip snap while following through on my stroke.

Looks like we may need to drag the paddle board and kettlebells down to the beach for the ultimate training session!

Stay tuned.