Training Room Family!

March 2020 has a LOT of Events, Offerings and Musings for YOU!

Milkman has created a Facebook Page: Training Room Kettlebell Sport Club!  If you aren’t already in the Club, check it out!  Jim posts his personal workouts, goals, and numbers!

Uncle Mike has started a 30 Day Pizza Challenge, in which he will visit local Pizza Places and have 1-2 slices of pizza per day.  He is always supporting small local businesses, as owning one himself he knows both how rewarding and difficult it can be at times.   Follow his BLOG HERE!


March 4th (Wed.) – Rope & Mace Seminar –  @7pm in Manasquan
March 6th (Fri.) – Beers & Bells in Manasquan
March 14th (Sat.)- GOATA Movement Workshop (Injury Prevention & Performance) – @ 11am in Manasquan
March 21st (Sat.) – Training Room Triathalon – Donation/ Charity Event $25

Monday’s Workout!

Conditioning Day…

Reps or Calorie Ladder Down…

Choose Either Rep Scheme, Laddering Down Each Round (so you will do either 4 or 5 rounds):

 20 / 16 / 12 / 8 / 4   -OR-   20 / 15 / 10 / 5


  • Rower
  • Squat thrusts or (slam ball/ mace swings/  rope flow / ladder drills 5 laps / 4/ 3… )
  • Bike
  • Highpulls (lunges or squats also work)
  • Ski Erg
  • Step- ups (lunges or squats also work)
  • Jump Rope 100/ 80/ 60.. or Jumping Jacks 50/ 40/ 30…
  • Mt. Climbers (each leg) – try to side bend & weight shift while doing these, it feels great!

Try to compete this As Fast As Possible, while maintaining good technique and keeping your body safe!

We are in a NEW 4 Week Training Cycle, so expect some new workouts, exercises and movements to keep you healthy, strong and fit!