Saturday we have a NEW Conditioning Workout!

Yoga with Alicia is at 9am so you can designate some time to move your body in different ways! 

Get a good stretch after a week of solid workouts!

Sunday is our “Cupid Shuffle Challenge” (watch HERE) 4 Minutes of Planks or Squats… you choose and follow along!  Join Alicia at 9am on Zoom  (ID: 783 535 0710  Password: 271465)

Our classic 20/20/20 conditioning got a little ramped up with different exercises!  Let us know how you like it in the comments below. 

We are finished up week 6!!! of our Corona Training Cycle and staying strong with new workouts each day! 

Are you finding you are successful with the workouts at home?  Let us know if we can do anything better.  We miss interacting with you and hope you are staying healthy, strong and taking some time to try different things.  

Saturday’s Conditioning:

20 sec /20 sec /20 sec x 3 rounds (3 minutes non-stop)

Circuit #1

  • Swing, jump, or light weight deadlifts 
  • crawl or shoulder taps 
  • run, run in place, high knees, but kicks

REST 1 Minute

Circuit #2

  • Air sq
  • Knee tucks or sit throughs
  • crab toe or bicycles

REST 1 Minutes

Circuit # 3

  • Skaters
  • towel whips
  • JJ’s or high knees, but kicks, quick feet 

REST 1 Minutes

Repeat Each Circuit again for a 2 Total Rounds.

FINISH with 1 x through each exercise at 30 second intervals!

Here’s the LIVE Link for 8am Saturday:

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Here’s part 2

Here’s the YOGA Link for 9am: