Non-stop movement Monday.

6 Minutes of non-stop movement is JUST what you need to kick off the week.

There will be weighted and body weight options.

Let’s GO!

Monday is a strength day!

Who wants a piece??

6 minutes of non-stop action

30 seconds of movement.

Do one side, then the other side…

We will alternate between weighted and body weight circuits and do 3 of each (6 total rounds)

Rest 1 minute and then repeat for 3 rounds total.

  • Clean or single dead or hinge
  • Press
  • Split squat
  • Row
  • Ab choice (1 minute)

Body weight circuit

  • Body weight single leg inge or hip bridge
  • Push up
  • Assisted pistol, box pistol
  • Ring row
  • Ab choice

Let’s have an amazing week!

What’s our next event to train for?

Drop a comment!