Not JUST Another Freestyle Friday

Hey Training Room friends, it IS freestyle Friday and just like any other day, you will get out of it what you put into it.

Ten reps of each movement, give or take.

Remember to always leave a few in the tank and don’t go to muscle failure on any movement.

Muscle failure leads to bad form and bad form leads to injury!
Ten Minute Triplets

Triplet 1

  • Reverse lunges and variations
  • 10 knee ups or sliding knees to chest
  • 10 calories on the bike or ski erg

Rest 2 minutes

Trilpet 2

  • 10 ring row or pull-ups
  • 10 twisting movements, mace swings etc
  • 100 revolutions on the jump rope or fifty jumping jacks

Rest 2 minutes

Triplet 3

  • 10 cleans, swings or bird dogs
  • 5/5 press or push-ups
  • 10 calories row or 100 yard run

Have a great weekend!