Not Tabata

Hey Training Room family!

Tuesday is a conditioning day and we will kick things off with what many call a “Tabata Workout”. There’s much to this and there are many articles out there about the subject.

This term has been somewhat abused by fitness professionals and enthusiasts because it sounds cool and people love to throw around fancy fitness jargon.

Just because your doing 20/10 intervals, that doesn’t make it Tabata.

If you want to know what true Tabata is, go here to read about it.

In mean time, please enjoy these 20/10 intervals…

20/10 x 8 stationary

Complete ALL 8 sets, rest for 1 minute and move on!

Each set will take 4 minutes to complete.

Here are your movements with options.

  • Body weight or Drop squats
  • mountain Climbers or crawls
  • row or run
  • Swings or broad jumps
  • slams or squat thrust
  • bike

Enjoy your Tuesday intervals

Help fix your swings with this drill!

Some swing alternatives…