Hey Everyone!

Today is strength day and we’ll doing our odd object circuit.

At The Training Room, we’ll be breaking out the sandbags, kegs, slosh pipe, tires and sledge hammers.

This will be a fun one.

Warm up with a two round kettlebell warm up practicing technique..

  • Kettlebell swings 10 second round 4/4 single handed swings
  • push ups 10/second round 8
  • kettlebell high pulls 10/second round cleans 4/4
  • presses 5/presses 4/4
  • squats 5/ second round 4/4
  • thrusters 5
  • one arm rows 5/5 second round 4/4
  • jumping jacks 15
  • bicycles 15
Here’s your Strength Circuit..30 seconds work/30 seconds rest for 6 rounds (30 minutes)
  • Rope climb or ladder or peg board or pull ups
  • Med ball or sand bag shouldering or tire flip
  • sandbag,keg or slosh pipe press
  • Sand bag squats or heavy med ball squat
  • Sledge hits or ball slam